Installing a solar or electrical system can be extremely daunting. Getting the wire sizing correct, proper connections made and installing correct safeguards to prevent overload or fire are only a few of the important steps needed for a safe and worry-free electrical system. People spend hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of electrical systems for a DIY van build and can still be taking an educated guess on the installation. 


We can take all of the worry and hours of research out of the process. Working with us we can plan an appropriate size system with all the features you need or tackle only the more daunting parts of the build. We use only the best components and can provide a full wiring schematic for your system.

Cost: $500 – $10,000

Solar and Electrical Systems

Transit Van Fan Install.jpeg

Don't want to cut a hole in your roof? No worries, we can do it for you. We can properly install your ceiling fan or vent to ensure it's leak free. We can even assist in getting it wired in if needed.

Cost: $500 – $1,000

Ceiling Vents and Fans


We can install any OEM style windows in your van conversion. We source most windows from CR Laurence, including T-vent and fixed panel windows.

Cost: $700 – $2,000


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